October 2009

Foxton Road UID in Ward End, Birmingham for Severn Trent Water is a £2.7m project to provide significant water quality and aesthetic improvements to local watercourses. The scheme provides detention tank storage for storm events and a screened overflow for consented spills to a nearby brook course. Due to the very poor ground conditions the storage tank is being constructed as a secant piled circular cofferdam with 72 nr x 18m long x 900mm dia secant piles (male/female) at an internal diameter of 13m. This is followed by creation of a 5m deep jet grouted ‘base’ at a depth of 13m to 18m. Following completion of the jet grouting, internal excavation of the shaft will be completed and a reinforced concrete base slab constructed which will be dowelled into the piles. The Internal segmental shaft and pre-cast roof slab will then be completed to form final pumping station.