Underground Mine Support & Stabilisation

The scope of mine workings stabilisation carried out by the company includes projects to access, investigate, provide support or infill abandoned and derelict stone or other mines from underground.


  • Refurbishing existing or constructing new roadways, headings and adits using timber frames or steel mine arches & laggings
  • Constructing new access shafts onto workings
  • Propping and cogging to unstable mine roof areas
  • Rock bolting to unstable roof and sidewall areas
  • Working with the Mine Manager to MASHAM requirements
  • Crane operated shaft access and man riding systems, communication, ventilation, lighting, operating and emergency procedures
  • Mine haulage and transport including winch & rail systems
  • Pumping and placing infill materials in underground stabilisation areas - concrete, foamed concrete, PFA paste, grout and sand
  • Constructing barriers and bulkheads to mine galleries from in-situ concrete, grout, blockwork or structural steel to retain infill materials


  • Shuttering underground for concrete or grout barriers including propping & dowelling in restricted working space,
  • Use of geotextiles to prevent grout loss into mine discard and to reinforce stepped grout barriers
  • Stowing and placement of sand, aggregates and cement bound stone infill materials using conveyors, pneumatic stowers and mining dragline “slusher” system
  • Install bat mitigation measures in mine galleries
  • Investigation and surveys, working with other specialists - geotechnical consultants, geologists, archaeologists, environmental and radon exposure consultants
  • The mines being filled are often beneath residential property or ecologically sensitive areas requiring close liaison with residents and other stakeholders
Ground Engineering