Specialist Grouting

In addition to grouting work undertaken as part of mine workings stabilisation and mine infilling work we provide a range of specialist grouting services.

  • Compaction grouting – for example treatment of workings or solution features in chalk with sand/cement/pfa/bentonite grout mixes
  • Consolidation grouting of loose fills or granular strata for ground improvement or underpinning existing structures using sand based grout mixes
  • Encapsulation grouting of inaccessible hot spots of contamination such as gas holder bases using special cementitious and resin grouts
  • Groundwater or gas barriers using resin grouts or special cementitious grouts
  • Fissure grouting of fault zones and other anomalies
  • Anchor grouting—cintec anchors, soil nails, rock bolts and ground anchors
  • Annulus filling - bentonite/cement grouting of large diameter pipelines installed in tunnel or pipejack for the oil & gas industry
  • Underwater grouting for bridge abutments and foundations using specialist anti wash-out and waterproof grouts
  • Sewer, culvert and redundant utility pipeline grouting
  • Bridge, underpass, subway and cellar filling using pfa and foamed grouts
  • Packer installation and deep borehole grouting
  • Tunnel grouting for example to fill behind linings in brick lined rail tunnels
  • Slab jacking

We operate a wide range of grout mixing, pumping and ancillary plant for this type of work, much of which is bespoke plant designed and developed in-house;


  • Grout mixing plant including paddle mixers, pug mill mixers, colloidal mixers, capacity 0.5—150m3 per hour
  • Grout pumping equipment includes trailer mounted concrete pumps, gardner-denver piston type grout pumps, displacement air pumps and worm type screed pumps
  • Mobile agitators and re-mixers up to 10m3 capacity
  • Vertical and horizontal silos
  • Pressure gauging and electro-magnetic flow monitoring equipment
Ground Engineering