Soil Nailing, Anchoring & Slope Stabilisation

Our fleet of specialist drilling plant enables us to offer a range of anchoring,
soil nailing & slope stabilisation services. Rigs include Klemm KR 904
geotechnical drill rigs, Klemm KR 701 mini-rigs, Casagrande C6S & M9 dual
head simultaneous casing rigs, track mounted rotary & rotary percussive units, soil nailing feed beams, for excavator attachment and mini-piling rigs with drop hammer, auger or odex capability. In addition our comprehensive civil engineering services cover a wide range of slope stabilisation solutions.

  • Soil nailing using tracked rotary percussive drilling rigs or feed beam attachments to excavators including long reach machines
  • Use of grouted hollow soil nails or solid bar soil nails (Dividag, Ischebek, Rom)
  • Rock anchoring and stitching for unstable rock slopes using hand held, mini rigs, tracked rigs or rail mounted rigs
  • Ground anchors for retaining walls, basements, contiguous piles, shafts and other below ground structures under hydrostatic uplift pressure
  • In-situ reinforced concrete or steel plate anchor and soil nail heads
  • Provision of steel or geo-grid/geo-textile/geo-cell mesh systems for slope stabilisation, soil reinforcement, prevention of soil erosion, rock fall protection and establishment of vegetation
  • Driven steel mini-piles, CFA, Secant Wall, augered and rotary cased piling to intercept and stabilise slip planes, use as shear pins, abutments and retaining walls - See ‘Mini-Piling’
  • Gabion support structures and anchored gabion applications
  • Engineered earthworks, starter layers, drainage layers, benching, rock filling and embankment toe surcharging
  • Rabbit infestation netting and burrow grouting
  • Counterfort drains, slope drains, crest drains, toe drains and land drainage systems.
  • Drilled slope drainage systems and installation of Platidrains
  • Reinforced earth and proprietary earth retaining systems
  • Steel sheet piling for retaining walls, cofferdams, river & watercourse bank stabilisation
  • In-situ concrete or grout retaining walls, gravity retaining structures and infill barriers - for above and below ground applications
  • Precast concrete retaining walls systems
  • Grouting of unstable rock slopes or collapse debris to improve strength and stability
  • Use of winching arrangements for drilling rigs working on steep or unstable slopes
  • Bridge tying to prevent abutment spread
  • Revetments, rock armour, scour protection and soft engineering protection to riverbanks and watercourses
  • Roof bolting in mines, headings and adits using hand operated or feed beam mounted drills such as Exchem Turbo bolter
  • Slope monitoring and borehole drilling for instrumentation - extensometers, inclinometers, piezometers, standpipes, surface pegs & precise levelling
Ground Engineering