Roads, Bridges & Development Infrastructure

Our Civil Engineering services include highway and development infrastructure schemes ranging from major trunk roads and award winning bridges to residential estate roads, experience circuits and wind farm access tracks.


Key Highway Activities carried out include;

  • Trunk roads, distributor roads, link roads and dual carriageways
  • Commercial and residential estate roads
  • Roundabouts and traffic light controlled junctions
  • Embankments and cuttings
  • Retaining walls and slope stabilisation
  • Section 278 highway and junction improvements
  • Car and bus parks, cycle ways and footpaths
  • Pedestrian subways, underpasses and culverted watercourses
  • Wind Farm access roads and crane hard-standings
  • Test tracks, performance evaluation and experience circuits
  • Redundant subway and underpass Infilling
  • Block paved or concrete - roads, pavements, storage areas and service yards
  • Speed control measures
  • Street lighting, signing, barriers and fencing
  • Highway drainage, interceptors, SUDS, balancing ponds, flow control structures and outfalls
  • Management and coordination of Utilities diversion works and new supplies
  • Traffic and pedestrian management

In Bridge Construction our experience includes;


  • Road, river and footbridges in pre-cast concrete, in-situ reinforced concrete and steel
  • Bridge abutments including sheet piled cofferdams and cfa piled foundations
  • Bridge deck replacement and waterproofing
  • Bridge re-construction including listed structures, brickwork and masonry
Civil Engineering