Project Profiles


Please find below Project Profiles for some of the jobs we have completed. For further details please select the Project Profile and it will download the PDF


Civil Engineering


Water, Sewerage & Main Drainage


Melbourne WTW High Lift Pump Sump Bypass

Foxton Road UID, Birmingham

Streetsbrook Valley Flood Alleviation, Solihull


Canal, River and Watercourse Improvement


Mouseweet Brook Improvements

Barlow Wood Embankment

Mart Lane Overbridge and Lichfield Canal Basin

Abbey Park Riverbank Restoration

Castle Mill Canal Basin Rock Face Stabilisation


Roads, Bridges & Development Infrastructure (see also Wind Farm Construction and Land Remediation)


Copcut Rise Development, Droitwich

Kingsley Fields Distributor Road, Nantwich


Foundations and Reinforced Concrete Construction (see also Automotive & Industrial, Water & Sewage and Wind Farm Construction)


Regional Distribution Centre for Aldi Stores, Swindon

Regional Distribution Centre for Aldi Stores, Neston, Wirral


Automotive and Industrial


Honda Weld SR Pit

Honda Press Project – EGE Extension & Press Pit, Swindon

Red Bull Technology




Stourbridge Area Mineworkings Investigation, Birse Rail

Airdrie to Bathgate Railway, Mineworkings Consolidation

LNW Civils TW313 Midlands Earthworks

LNW Civils Package 606 Earthworks

East Linton Underpass Crossing


Land Remediation


Chatterley Valley land Remediation, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

Chettles Development, Nottingham

Top Rain 511 Hawthorne Road, Sefton

Ground Engineering

Drilling Services

Trecatti Landfill Site Gas & Groundwater Monitoring Boreholes

Dual Head Drilling - Casagrande M9 & C6S

Barcroft School Ground Source Heating Boreholes


View all the Project Profiles in the ground engineering section to see the full range of drilling services that we offer.


Site Investigation

Combe Down Stone Mines Site Investigation

Mineworkings Investigation at Mostyn, North Wales

Field Road, Coley District Chalk Mine Stabilisation Scheme

Mineworkings and Mine Shaft Treatment


A465 Heads of the Valleys (Gilwern to Brynmawr)

Airdrie to Bathgate Railway, Mineworkings Consolidation

Govanhill 4 Sites Mine Workings Consolidation

M9 Spur Extension/A90 Improvements, Consolidation of Mineworkings, Edinburgh

Niddrie Burn Restoration - Mineworkings Stabilisation

M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvements Advance Works

Green Lane Eccles - Mineshaft Treatment


Mine Infilling


Bosty Lane Emergency Mine Infilling, Walsall

Mons Hill Mine Infilling, Dudley


Underground Mine Support & Stabilisation


Bream Mine Stabilisation, Forest of Dean

Northern Gallery Access and Seven Sisters Temporary Infilling, Dudley

Step Shaft Mine Temporary Infilling, Dudley

Soil Nailing, Anchoring & Slope Stabilisation

Castle Mill Canal Basin Rock Face Stabilisation

Bervie Braes Slope Stabilisation

Gubberford Lane Embankment Stabilisation

LNW Civils TW313 Midland Earthworks

Castle Mill Basin Rock Face Stabilisation

Walsall Arboretum Slope Stabilisation

Specialist Ground Treatment

M74 Compaction Grouting

Blackshots Lane, Grays, Essex

Adelaide Court, Hermitage

Field Road, Coley District Chalk Mine Stabilisation Scheme

Upper Street, Leeds, Kent - Emergency Ground Stabilisation



Piling for Wind Turbine bases - See Higher Micklehurst Wind Farm

Contiguous Augured Mini-Pile Walls - See East Linton Underpass Crossing

Redditch Substation Mini-piled foundations

Grand Hotel, Birmingham. Mini-piling for Tower Crane Base


Forkers Scotland

Go to Forkers Scotland Project Profiles

Renewable Energy

Wind Farm Construction


Wadlow Wind Farm, Cambridge

Roos Wind Farm, Hull