Mine Workings and Mine Shaft Treatment

We have been involved in drilling & grouting shallow mine workings for over 40 years. Forkers are considered a specialist in this field and we are in the unique position of being able to resource large mine workings stabilisation schemes from our in-house resources.


  • Drilling & grouting shallow coal, ironstone, limestone, chalk, sandstone and fireclay workings
  • Using rotary percussive steel casing drilled to rockhead or to full hole depth if necessary to ensure hole integrity
  • Drilling with water flush as standard
  • Grouting collapsed workings with pfa/cement grout, sand/cement grout, clay (bentonite) based grouts and use of thixotropic or polymeric additives
  • Completing major shallow coal workings treatment contracts with over 10,000 drill holes, up to 250,000 tonnes of grout and resourcing up to 20 rigs
  • Creation of perimeter barriers to treatment grids in open or collapsed workings
  • Location of mineshafts by probe drilling, trial excavation or geophysics
  • Treatment of mine shafts up to 400m deep including filling open shafts with granular material, stage grouting, grout caps and reinforced concrete caps


  • Use of fully designed drilling platforms for safe mine shaft treatment
  • We also have a wide range of bespoke grout mixing and pumping plant much of which is designed and manufactured in-house;
  • Grout mixing equipment from 0.5m3 including high shear mixers for clay based grouts
  • Continuous grout batching plants with outputs of up to 150m3/hr used for central batching on large mine workings treatment sites ensuring control of deliveries, quality, and environmental risks, reduction of material storage and access requirements
  • Mobile grout agitation/pumping units which can be strategically placed or moved as work proceeds, capacity up to 9m3
  • Full range of grout pumps including Gardner-Denver duplex pumps, screed pumps, diaphragm pumps and trailer mounted concrete pumps
Ground Engineering