Land Remediation

We offer a full range of land remediation services and our aim is to work closely with clients utilising our knowledge and experience to assess risks & opportunities and develop best value remediation strategies.


The fundamental principle behind our approach is carry out staged and targeted site investigation and chemical testing to minimise waste (hazardous or non-hazardous) for disposal or treatment. This starts at the site clearance and demolition stage to ensure there is no cross contamination and that investigations target previous uses and layouts. The development of this information allows the DQRA risk assessment process to be fully utilised to identify treatment options and ensure retention of materials on site where possible. Remediation strategies must also link to development levels and foundation solutions and assess the applicability and cost of a range of suitable remediation techniques.

Our remediation capability includes;

  • Interrogation of historical records and site investigation data
  • Site investigation and trial pitting
  • Demolition of industrial & commercial buildings
  • Reclamation earthworks - re-grading, excavate & re-compact, surcharging, lagoon filling, sorting & screening, de-compaction, soil modification by lime or cement addition
  • Excavate and dispose of contaminated soils, discrete excavation of hot spots, separate/sort identifiable strata or contamination types, stockpile for waste characterisation & WAC testing
  • Remediation Permit for soil mixing & ex-situ stabilisation
  • Bioremediation of grossly hydrocarbon impacted soils
  • Provide clean cover systems, capillary break & geo-textile separators
  • Install gas & groundwater barriers - clay, bentonite, HDPE membranes or sheet piling
  • Gas vent trenches, drilled venting and leachate wells, collection and venting systems
  • Encapsulation grouting of deep or inaccessible contaminated hot spots using special cementitious and resin grouts
  • De-commission and remove redundant fuel and oil tanks
  • Contaminated groundwater treatment
  • ‘Red Site’ working and decontamination facilities
  • Health monitoring including radon, radioactivity, asbestos, dust & noise
Civil Engineering