Ground Source Heating

Ground Source heating (often referred to as Geothermal Heating) is one of the easiest forms of renewable energy to install in buildings. It is suitable for any residential, commercial, retail and public building. Stored solar heat energy in the ground is collected through water circulation loops installed in boreholes or trenches and then enhanced by up to 4 times by using a ‘heat pump’ to heat the building and to provide hot water. Tailored systems can provide building cooling during summer months.


We can provide;

  • Borehole drilling & loop installation
  • Ground loops in horizontal trenches
  • Thermal response test drilling and instrumentation
  • Using our multi-functional ‘dual head’ rotary drilling rigs to provide one-pass, steel cased ‘clean holes’ through any type of strata thus enabling installation of the loops to the full hole depth and ensuring complete grout surround.
  • As an alternative to fully cased holes we also use bio-degradable polymer drilling fluids to provide hole support and flushing in deep boreholes.



Guide to Ground Source Heating

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