Drilling Services

Our fleet of over 45 drilling rigs allows a wide range of drilling services to be offered and many different drilling methods and techniques to be employed. All of our rigs are track mounted giving a stable drilling platform and offer multi-angling mast articulation which gives additional flexibility in hole positioning. Additionally all our rigs are now equipped with interlocked drill string guards as required by the HSE.

    Rig types include;


  • Casagrande C6S and M9 ‘Dual Head’ rotary drilling rigs
  • Klemm KR904 and Casagrande C6 Geotechnical drill rigs
  • Mini-rigs including Klemm KR701 and Krupp 3.5 tonne
  • Excavator mounted Krupp 25G & 30G rotary percussive rigs
  • Excavator mounted soil nailing feed beams


    The range of drilling methods and techniques that we are able to operate with these rigs is extensive and includes;


  • Rotary percussive ‘top hammer’ with different bit formations
  • Rotary percussive casing to 152mm diameter
  • Rotary open hole and rotary coring
  • Down hole hammer and ODEX systems
  • ‘Dual head’ simultaneous casing rotary drilling to 375mm dia.
  • Auger drilling to 450mm diameter
  • Installation of temporary or permanent casing
  • Flushing methods to suit drilling parameters - water flush, air/water mist, air flush, drilling muds, polymers or grout

    Using our range of drilling equipment and the methods and techniques described above allows us to construct boreholes for any of the following uses.


  • Boreholes to 600m deep and up to 375mm diameter
  • Fully cased holes to 150m deep
  • Site Investigation - probing, open hole, coring, installation of monitoring equipment and geophysics
  • Grout injection holes - tremmie, packer grouting and ‘end of casing’ methods
  • Mine Infill holes including paste infill, observation, monitoring and granular infill
  • Installation of permanent and temporary casing
  • Groundwater and gas monitoring holes
  • Cavity surveys using CCTV, ultrasonic and laser equipment
  • Gas venting and leachate control boreholes
  • Water abstraction boreholes
  • Deep wells for dewatering installations
  • Installation of permanent packers
  • Groundwater and gas barrier construction
  • Coal bed methane extraction boreholes
  • Ground source heating systems
  • Soil nailing, anchoring and rock bolting
  • Mini-piling and rotary cased piles
Ground Engineering